Hybrid Students Switch To IVA, Many Fear Exposure to COVID-19
Hybrid Students Switch To IVA, Many Fear Exposure to COVID-19
Vy Nguyen January 25, 2021

Eighty-five hybrid students switched to Irvine Virtual Academy (IVA) for the spring semester, fearing possible exposure to COVID-19 as cases...

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COVID-19 Updates
Vy Nguyen January 25, 2021
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Campus News You Can Use
Joy Chen January 25, 2021
Esports Q&A with IHS students
Esports Q&A with IHS students
Maia Zhu January 25, 2021


The rise of esports
The rise of esports
Natalie Mao January 25, 2021

In the age of coronavirus, more and more are turning to esports as an outlet to connect with friends. Esports are competitive video game team sports, building the same skills as...

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Boys cross country prepares for upcoming season
Natalie Mao November 30, 2020

Despite uncertainty for the upcoming season, boys cross country continues training. With the influx of cases in California, camp that normally runs from 3:15-4:30 p.m. has been...

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Girls basketball coach wins county award
Evelyn Kuei November 30, 2020

Girls varsity basketball coach Sam Davis was awarded the 2020 Orange County Athletic Directors Association Coach of Character award for his determination throughout his years of...

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Virtual Enterprise qualifies for Top 200 nationally
Meghna Chunduru January 25, 2021

Despite the struggle of learning and competing in a virtual setting, IHS’ Virtual Enterprise (VE) has been breaking records. For the first...

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Student creates baking Instagram to share her passion
Evelyn Kuei January 25, 2021

Before moving to the United States, Junior Tiffany Wu always remembered her mother bringing home cake after work. Ever since then, Wu decided...

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IHS Arts Council Launches YouTube Channel
Maia Zhu November 30, 2020

Wanting to learn origami or draw a self portrait of your friend? Look no further than the Fine Arts Council YouTube channel.  The Fine Arts...

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Two Sets of Siblings Create Children's Books
Maia Zhu November 30, 2020

Utilizing their unique talent of illustration and writing, two Irvine High sibling duos created children’s books to educate younger generations...

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Model United Nations Club Participates in Virtual Conferences
Meghna Chunduru November 30, 2020

Despite the challenges of the virtual setting, Irvine High Schools Model United Nations Club continues to compete and empower students to take...

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Should dress code be revamped?
January 25, 2021

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Continue to maintain positive relationships and make social changes in 2021
Hafsa Javaid January 25, 2021

Only three days into 2020, the United States was on the brink of World War Three with Iran.  Soon after, COVID-19 panic put the country into a nationwide lockdown.  However,...

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Political discourse needs to be changed in the new year
January 25, 2021

Political analyst Bill Schneider claims that the United States in 2020 was the most divided it has been since the civil war.  Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many people have...

Students showcase creativity while off-campus
Students showcase creativity while off-campus
Aanya Sharma January 25, 2021

Amidst the chaos of the pandemic, students have unleashed their creative sides through opportunities outside of school. Juniors Sam Akumalla, Cece Labowe and senior Halley Chang...

Students participate in variety of performing arts on campus
Students participate in variety of performing arts on campus
Ikbal Dumlu January 25, 2021

Dance Ensemble members rehearse for Revival: A Shift in Perspective. Photos published with permission from Alexa Wade. Despite everything that has happened over the last year,...

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California Senate Seat opens due to the win by Biden and Harris
Vy Nguyen November 30, 2020

With Joe Biden projected as the winner of the presidential election, California faces a dilemma over who will replace Kamala Harris as Senator. Kamala Harris was elected as...

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US 2020 National election for dummies
Vy Nguyen November 30, 2020

Graphic designed by Vy Nguyen Sources: Associated Press  

Letter to the Editor: Unity Week
Deena Ansari, Avery King February 8, 2021

ASB would like to invite you to celebrate Unity Week with us February 16th through 19th. We can’t wait!   Unity week is a celebration...

Art by Sunwoo Eom
Student art: Sunwoo Eom
Sunwoo Eom, Artist • February 7, 2021

My AP portfolio theme is on pollution and I have been trying to use the items being thrown out as my mediums to reduce trash, so a lot of the...

Art by Kylie Thongsrinoon
Student art: Kylie Thongsrinoon's digitally produced cards
Kylie Thongsrinoon, Artist • January 28, 2021

During quarantine, I picked up a new hobby of creating digital art, especially creating cards for my family members on holidays such as their...

Image via Harrison Zhang
Alumnus stays Vaquero Strong
Harrison Zhang, Alumni • December 18, 2020

The clock hit 0:00 sounding the final horn that echoed throughout Irvine Stadium as a sea of green and blue rushed the field to the sound of...

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