Q & A with new staff

Image via Unsplash

Image via Unsplash


Sophia Chen – English Teacher

What is your teaching philosophy?

My teaching philosophy is that we are all a community of learners and help to teach and learn from one another. We all come into the classroom space with different knowledge and experiences, and I think we can all learn something from one another. In my class, I want us to see each other as one another’s resources to our education and be able to grow with one another. 


Victoria Kleczko – World Language Teacher (Spanish)

What is your favorite thing about working with students?

I love high school because the students are the best! I love to help them progress toward their goals. I love building relationships with students and learning from them.


Mary Hoffman – Speech and Language Pathologist

What is your favorite thing about teaching your occupation?

My favorite thing about my occupation is that it is all about communication. Every single person has a voice, and when something inhibits that voice from being heard, it can feel very isolating. I get to play a part in helping break down those barriers of communication. 


Roxanne Dibel – Psych Support  

How do you plan on making an impact on students since we are virtual? 

During distance learning I am still able to see students for counseling support needs through a virtual format. In addition, students with high needs, individual services, and testing needs are able to come to campus during a scheduled time for support. Even though we are primarily virtual, I am available to support students when needed.


Kari Krumpholz – Psych Support   

What is your teaching philosophy? 

My philosophy is the best learning occurs once I have established a positive and welcoming relationship with students.  I believe all students can learn and build on their individual skill sets.