Students create Etsy shops during pandemic


Image via Unsplash

Running a business built on creativity and originality isn’t easy; however, Junior Madeline Dam’s With Love, Madeline and Senior Emma Wong’s LoafyandToasty are thriving on Etsy.  

Etsy is an online retail platform designed for creators and artists who can sell handmade goods, art, clothing and vintage items. Dam and Wong’s shops launched this summer and sell uniquely handcrafted products like dainty trinkets and fashionable accessories. 

“Since I was in middle school, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit,” Dam said. “I went from selling slime and my own clothes to current day where I am creating my own-sewn goods. I really enjoy having my own brand as I am able to do what I enjoy, along with what inspires me.”

Dam established the brand With Love, Madeline in August, first gaining publicity on TikTok. Through her Etsy shop, Dam sells a variety of handmade hats, totes and stickers, sharing her love for sewing and crafting with others. In the future Dam hopes to expand her audience and the assortment of her products to include enamel pins and other trinkets. 

“When creating a business, find your own art style,” Wong said. “Find something unique about your art or yourself and create a brand based on it. Nobody likes a business that is so similar to everyone else’s so just be yourself.” 

Named after her bread stuffed animals, Wong started LoafyandToasty back in May. On her Etsy, Wong sells resin charms as she finds it a very versatile and unique type of craft. Wong is currently working on constructing her own silicone molds for other artists to wield and hopes to continue LoafyandToasty in college as a part-time job. 

To check out Dam’s With Love, Madeline click here for her Etsy shop or check out her Instagram @withlovemadeleine. To check out Wong’s LoafyandToasty click here for her Etsy shop or check out her Instagram @loafyandtoasty.


Strawberry Shortcake Cat Shaker Charm, LoafyandToasty
With Love, Madeline Cheetah Long Tote Bag