Eight ways to have fun during Halloween while staying safe


Images via Unsplash

Halloween this year may look different from other years, but that doesn’t mean it has to be eventless. We gathered eight different ways to join in on the fall festivities with your friends and family while staying safe. Check out our ideas below.

Decorate. Pumpkins, spider webs, ghosts, bring out all your artistic skills to make your house look scary. Decorating the house for holidays is an important part of celebrating that holiday. Turn your house into a haunted house or have a tent set up in your backyard for a spooky night.

Host a virtual party. Put on your costume, make spooky food and drinks and invite all your friends to a Halloween party through Zoom or Facetime. You can also watch a scary movie over Discord, or even play Among Us with your friends.  

Still wear your costumes! Picking out what you want to wear is always a fun part of Halloween. You can make your custom costumes and show it at the virtual party.

Do a pumpkin carving challenge with your family. Buy a pumpkin and carve it with your own imagination. You can either carve your own design or grab some templates online. Then, share photos of the masterpieces with your friends and families and let them pick first, second and third.

Virtual Pumpkin Decorating Contest is here at Irvine High starting from October 16-30. Anyone is welcome to participate by submitting a picture of their work. The judges will choose a winner for the three categories: best carved, best non-carved and best overall pumpkin. For more information, please visit your class canvas page or Irvine High Arts Council Instagram page.

Watch a scary movie! It is one of the most classic activities to be able to do on Halloween. Start with Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown, and then go straight in some serious scary films. You can also Zoom or FaceTime your friends to watch it together! Pro tip: Check out the Netflix Watch Party option to watch the same movies or shows with your friends remotely.

Prepare a Halloween dinner. Try all the new recipes you haven’t tried before. You can serve some berry eyeballs, snakes and soup, rainbow fruit punch, and hot dog mummies to your families. 

Halloween baking night! Check out Halloween baked goods recipes. Spider biscuits, eerie eyeball pops, grasshopper punch and more are waiting for you to be created! 

Have a candy taste test. You cannot go around the neighborhood to collect candies, but you can buy all the candies in the store. Try some limited edition candies for Halloweens like Vampire Kisses, HERSHEY’S Cookies ‘N’ Creme Fangs and Kit Kat’s Halloween Wafer Bar Witch’s Brew Candy!

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