Vaquero Voice – Halloween

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What is your favorite Halloween candies?

“My favorite candy is Reese’s peanut butter cup. These have been my childhood favorite, and I absolutely love peanut butter and milk chocolate. I will keep spending [money on them] because of all the memories I have associated with Reese’s peanut butter cup.” 一Kyra Magda, senior



“My favorite candy is KitKat. The crunchy waffle plus sweet chocolate make a great combination. It also has the best slogan “break time anytime.” 一Joshua Cheng, senior


“My favorite candy is the smarties because I’d always eat those as a child, and I like eating them one by one.”一Joshua Ramos, freshman




How did the meaning or celebration of Halloween change as you grow up?

“When I was young, we went trick or treating more for the candies, getting as much as possible. Now, it is more like spending time with my friends, walking around. We still get candies, but it is more about hanging out with them. If there’s a scary house [in the neighborhood], we would dare each other to approach the house and ring the doorbell.” 一Eshika Abbaraju, freshman



“The meaning of Halloween has always been the spooky season for me. I remember going trick or treating when I was young. Now, I like handing out candies, seeing the spirit grow.” 一Rishi Padmanabhan, sophomore



“As a child, Halloween is more about friends and candies. Now, [growing up], it is nice to walk around the community and meet neighbors that you don’t really meet everyday.”一Jared Duong, junior



What are some advices that you will give to people who are watching scary movies for the first time?

“I would say watch the movie with your fiends or family so you have company with you, make it a fun experience not a scary one. Also, don’t watch the movie if you are too young, it will give you nightmares.”一Cera Pascua, sophomore




“I dislike watching scary movies and to those who are like me and get scared easily, try to avoid watching scary movies at night especially when you are home alone and instead watch it with a friend”一Joyce Lu, junior