IUSD Mental Health Resources


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Here are some resources that Irvine High counselors provide for all students. 

If you haven’t checked out El Vaquero’s article on staying mentally and physically healthy, make sure to read it! https://ihselvaquero.com/1070/focus/make-health-your-top-priority-during-the-pandemic/ 

  • Care Solace
    • IUSD has partnered with Care Solace mental health services to connect families, students or staff with outside care providers. A team of care coordinating experts will provide guides and support services 24/7 through different languages, such as English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese. For more information, please visit https://iusd.org/care-solace
  •  Virtual Calming Room
    • Join the Irvine High Counseling Page on Canvas, and you will be able to access the Virtual Calming Room. It is a place designed to assist in identifying different strategies for managing emotions. There are numerous resources and tools on there that provide helpful outlets for when life gets tough. 
    • Disclaimer: The links in the virtual calming room are purely for educational purposes and are not intended as psychological interventions or as a substitute for psychological treatment. If you are in need of psychological help, you should seek the consultation of a licensed mental health professional. 
  • Self Care Worksheet (Source: Irvine High Counseling page on Canvas)
  • Mental Health Tip every Monday
    • Enroll in Irvine High Counselor Page on Canvas and students will receive weekly notifications with tips on how to stay healthy. 
  • Counselors 
    • Reach out to counselors through emails, in person meetings or appointments. 
    • New mental health specialists and Project Success specialists are now available for students to receive additional resources. 
  • Wellness Wednesday
    • An event that occurs once a month, which covers a variety of mental health topics for students to listen and learn about. 
  • Project Success
    • Students involved in Project Success will participate in individual or small group settings to address typical teen wellness concerns such as stress management, goal setting, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, developing self-control, and dealing with loss and/or major life transitions. 
    • There are activities designed to improve self-esteem, healthy behaviors, attendance, and organizational and social skills.

Q&A with IHS Mental Health Professionals

Viridiana Rodriguez

(Mental health specialist)

What are some tips you can give out or resources that you have for people who are stressed?

We all need coping skills to be able to survive what life throws at us, like getting through COVID. One of my go-to is really being able to use your five senses, [in order to] ground yourself and bring you back to reality. When we face a panic and our stress levels go high, we tend to forget to take a deep breath. This is also a coping skill. When we have to stop during our day and we need to remind ourselves that we have to breathe. 

What does your job consist of? What resources are you hoping to give to the students?

I would really want students to see me as a safe place on campus. An office where they can come to receive any social and emotional support and that can be from friend support, family support, and self esteem. Anything mental health related I am here to be able to support students individually one on one. I can also support students from Wellness Wednesday that occurs once a month. Through those presentations, I would be providing mental health information and topics that will be discussed. So I’ll be available in person and virtually. 

Tiffany Youngquist

(Project Success Specialist) 

What are your goals that you want to achieve or bring to students at Irvine High?

“I want to build reports with the students and show them that there are resources available, especially during this time of Covid and different hybrid formats. Mental health is a huge thing that we need to address. So my goal is to connect with students and know that they have resources with the school and can meet with me and get to know me as well, and just have the opportunity to grow as students.”

What are some tips you can give out or resources that you have for people who are stressed?

My biggest thing is taking breaks. School is important, but taking care of yourself is equally important. Find hobbies and things that you like to do during your free time. Give yourself something that you look forward to. Just take breaks and find that thing you enjoy. Make sure you are checking with your friends and utilizing these resources.