Letter from the Editors: Welcome to On Escolar

On Escolar is El Vaquero’s blog – for you. On this platform, we want to hear your unique voice.

On Escolar will be published independently from El Vaquero, and will represent the voices of Irvine High students and staff. It will feature Irvine High perspectives to address issues that are most important to you – a book you read, a family tradition you want to share, an engaging discussion in class, or a new hobby you found through a club.

On behalf of the editors and staff of El Vaquero, we’re excited to create this platform to share what being a Vaquero means to you. All Vaqueros are welcome to contribute to On Escolar; you only need an open mind and an idea that speaks to you.

Letters to the Editor is where we will publish your opinions.

Arts & Culture will feature student perspectives in the visual, performing, and fine arts, as well as traditions and other student interests. Students will have the opportunity to share their art with the student body, or discuss an activity that engages you with your peers – whether that is a club, food, or an academic subject.

Vaquero’s Voices is where we will post student responses to seasonal questions.

Alumni will feature perspectives of Irvine High graduates.

We hope that you learn something new, are inspired by someone’s hobby, and simply get a better look into what your peers are thinking. We want to use On Escolar to amplify a large range of perspectives and embrace Irvine High’s diversity and deep culture.

There’s always going to be another mountain, and challenges won’t end with 2020. But as Vaquero’s, trends and circumstances don’t shape us; we whittle our own identity, each new perspective a notch toward the final masterpiece. As a student, peer, friend, mentor, role model, teammate, or artist, you are at the vanguard of what it means to be a Vaquero. Immersing yourself in experience will lay the groundwork for a serendipitous connection, one that will be how you will change the world.

Happy writing!


El Vaquero Editorial Board
Franny Shih, Brianna Tang, Joy Chen, Meghna Chunduru, and Natalie Mao

To contribute to On Escolar, please email [email protected] or direct message @ihselvaquero on Instagram for more information.