Student creates baking Instagram to share her passion

Image via Tiffany Wu

Image via Tiffany Wu

Before moving to the United States, Junior Tiffany Wu always remembered her mother bringing home cake after work. Ever since then, Wu decided to recreate sweets and desserts similar to the ones she had back in China.  

Since the age of six, Wu has been interested in baking. After the move to Irvine when she was ten, she started pursuing her hobby of baking goods that reminded her of home. Many of Wu’s cakes and desserts are featured on her instagram page, @tiff_jazz.

“It first started with my friend wanting some desserts for a party,” Wu said. “I asked if I could bring some of my apple mousse instead. Ever since then, I have made desserts for friends and family.”

In late 2019, Wu was invited to bake for one of her friend’s parties. She first made center pieces and now creates delicious birthday cakes for her friends and family. Wu has also made many cakes for her neighbors, however she does make profit off of her creations. 

“I’m very proud of Tiffany for finding her genuine love for baking,” Wu’s mother Sarah Wu said. “Her passion drives her to devote a lot of time into learning, practicing and constant reflection for improvements.”

Wu’s mother has seen Wu grow through her many baking experiences. Her mom believes Wu’s baking has contributed to making her life more enjoyable and more successful in the future. 

“I dream of having a bakery some time in the future,” Wu said. “Although not my main occupation I would love to have one. I could just picture it in my head.”

She hopes to name it, Soak in Time Cafe. Wu hopes the cafe would bring a sense of calmness and relaxation to those who go in.  

“Sweets and desserts have a very special place to me because they are representations of my most cherished memories,” Wu said. “Back in China my mom would always bring home cakes after work, and I remember being so excited to taste them.”