Student art: Sunwoo Eom


Art by Sunwoo Eom

My AP portfolio theme is on pollution and I have been trying to use the items being thrown out as my mediums to reduce trash, so a lot of the materials I chose for this work are recycled. 

The references I took away from had vintage textures of old items (worn-out suitcases and the bookshelf) and I wanted to visualize that into my work.  I had an old laptop that no longer works so I broke it apart and used the chips and the strips inside for more texture. I got most of the materials from objects that were about to be thrown out. I cut out pieces of old/patterned clothes of different textures to mimic the texture and also add a fun element. 

The artwork was painted with acrylic paint mixed with varnish because mixing acrylic with other mediums changes the fluidity and the paint strokes. The acrylic looks more like watercolor. 

Making artwork on pollution made me realize that households produce a lot of trash through unnecessary consumption such as unsustainable clothing and disposable plastics that go into landfills. I wanted to show that these items can be recycled in different ways.