Red Cross Club Hosts Service Events In Honor Of National Red Cross Month


Image via IHS Red Cross

Red Cross club celebrates National Red Cross Month throughout March while continuing to stay active during the pandemic.

Despite COVID-19 setbacks, the club has been holding events and awarding service hours to club members. Throughout the month of March, Red Cross has many activities planned to further the club’s purpose. Due to new club restrictions on campus this year, Red Cross has had to adapt to fit the current guidelines for safe operation.

“Since most of our board has several years of experience under their belts, we have been able to adapt and work around a lot of the challenges faced this year,” senior and Red Cross president Jiho Ahn said. “We had to change our club’s summer plans to follow new COVID-19 guidelines, but we have adapted very well and have had a smooth transition to an online format.”

Red Cross has held monthly seminars over Zoom since the beginning of the school year to inform members on various health topics, such as measles, rubella and blood donations. The club is currently using funds from previous fundraisers and is taking donations from students to donate health supplies to nurses and healthcare staff at Saddleback Hospital. The supplies will be donated towards the end of the month.

“Red Cross has had a very positive impact on the student body,” junior and Red Cross treasurer Tay Bravo said. “Our educational and social events have allowed people to get involved in their community and make new friends in an online setting. As for the fundraisers and donation drives, thanks to the great amount of participation, we have been able to make hospital workers and veterans feel appreciated through cards and care packages.”

Red Cross meets monthly for general club meetings and holds informational seminars at least once a month. To join, visit the club’s Instagram page, @ihsredcross, for more information.

“Our club has been very successful in remaining active throughout the pandemic,” sophomore and co-publicist Meghaa Saravanan said. “For the rest of the year, I hope our club is able to provide our members with new and interesting events that help our community and keep everyone educated on current events.”