Ways to have fun and be safe during this spring break


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It has been more than one year since the United States entered an era of coronavirus lockdowns.

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order issuing temporary closure of all the public schools on Friday, March 13, 2020. After hearing that we would not have school for the next few days or even weeks, students rushed out of classrooms cheering for the extended spring break. However, the excitement was short-lived.

California went into a lockdown on March 19, 2020.  Residents were told to stay home and all businesses deemed nonessential were closed. Empty schools, the absence of rush hours, bare grocery store shelves – most people started to realize the severity of COVID-19. Things that we as students took for granted – sports, prom, graduation, even in-class instructions- were no longer considered safe and harmless.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the school lockdown, let us learn from the challenges we went through and appreciate what we have now. Although our spring breaks are going to be different from the past, we can still have fun in a safe and healthy way!

Here are the ten activities you can do during your spring break.

Game Night

Pick up your most valued childhood board game, dust it off, and set it up for the family to play. Have a fun night filled with laughter and surprises as the game is played. Maybe even play that new video game and have your siblings compete for the finish line.

Plant Flowers

Take a quick trip to your local Home Depot and make a purchase of flower seeds. Spring Break is the perfect time to grow a garden to enjoy all year round. Soon you might be able to make a bouquet of flowers right from your own backyard!


Try out different recipes! Make sure to incorporate your favorite ingredients and try cooking something new for dinner. There is plenty of time to now bake your most treasured dessert or use that cake mix in your cupboard.

Hold a socially distanced picnic

It is time to make use of those new cooking skills by holding a socially distanced picnic! Take your favorite food to the park or the beach and enjoy eating outdoors with your family or even a few friends.

Ride a bike through a new trail you haven’t tried yet or exercise with family

With warm weather in the making, now is the time to go on a family bicycle ride or on one by yourself. Many communities have bike paths or trails to ride through. In Southern California, take advantage of the trails near the beach for extraordinary views to enjoy while also being able to simultaneously exercise.  Laguna Beach is a great place to cycle, with unique art galleries and different restaurants to check out along the way.

Virtual movie night

To maintain necessary safety precautions, students can host a virtual movie night. Streaming devices such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and Hulu offer extensions that allow up to 50 individuals to watch a movie together. This allows students to watch movies and enjoy each other’s company from the comforts of their own home. Watching movies and spending time with your friends is a stress-relieving and relaxing way to spend spring break.

Be creative

Channeling your creativity can be as simple as coloring, drawing, painting, journal, gardening, or playing an instrument. A Journal of the American Art Therapy Association study discovered that 45 minutes of creativity can lower stress levels and help relax the mind. Additionally, since COVID-19 has limited hands-on experience, taking time to be creative can also help return a sense of normalcy. Therefore, this is a reasonable and fun method to forget stressors from school.

Visit places around California that are big enough to socially distance

There are many places in California that are reopening and taking necessary COVID-19 precautions, making them safe to visit as long as people practice social distancing and wear a mask. Places like the Garden of Flowing Fragrance in San Marino offer virtual guides and a GPS to limit human interaction or Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Other sites include National Parks like Death Valley or Yosemite, where people can enjoy the beauty of spring while taking precautions. Many places also have mandatory temperature checks before allowing one entry.

Virtual self-care day

Due to stress from school, people are neglecting to take care of themselves. This time can be used to focus on one’s mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. This can include exercising regularly, maintaining a routine, or focusing on things you can control. This can also be done via zoom with your friends, focusing on oneself around each other even if it is not in person.

Learn Basic Life Skills

Learning skills that are not taught in school but are still essential in adult life is a good way to occupy the time. This can include learning the mechanics of your car, how washing machines work, sewing, how to file taxes, cooking, etc. Although they sound easy in theory, applying these skills is helpful for when students start to become more independent and take on more responsibilities.

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