Rocket League and League of Legends esports teams take early wins


Irvine High School’s first esports team’s season is underway with the help of Athletic Director Travis Haynes and Coach Ashleigh Frazer. 

The team consists of two sub-teams, the Rocket League team, and the League of Legends team. Junior Jonathan Garrett, the Rocket League team captain, and junior Trieuvy Phan, the League of Legends team captain work alongside Frazer to create an inclusive and productive atmosphere for all team members.

“There are always growing pains in the beginning, trying to figure out how everything works especially with technology,” Frazer said. “Not everything runs smoothly and sometimes we have to get creative and find ways around it, which the team helped immensely with their act of passion.”

During the match, the team uses Discord for communication with each other. Then, all players log into PlayVS, the service that runs the league, which provides a code for the match. The code allows PlayVS to keep track of each team’s victory, as well as players’ individual statistics. A League of Legends match consists of two games, while a Rocket League match consists of five games, with both teams having different ranks. 

 “Ever since I can remember I’ve been playing video games,” Garrett said. “I’d say my passion for esports started in middle school when I saw I was in the top 0.5% of all Rocket League players based on my rank of Grand Champion, and I wanted the chance to take this passion a little further and compete in official matches, with this esports league being the perfect chance.”

The team competes against each other to practice and get prepared for their upcoming matches. Typically, before a game they fine tuned skills like shooting and blocking shots in custom training packs offered in the game. 

Additionally, the content creation team, Nilay Sabade and Jared Duong, manages the Discord channel, the network they use to communicate during matches, organize practices, etc. The matches are streamed on the Twitch channel, IrvineVaqueros, so anyone can view them.