What are Vaqueros’ plans over spring break?

Students on Campus


After looking at the ten activities you can do during spring break, let’s hear what the Irvine High students have to say!

Medya Ebrahim, senior     

“My plans for spring break will be to try to hang out with my friends because I am getting vaccinated for Pfizer because my mom has a daycare home,” senior Medya Ebrahim said. ¨I will probably go to the beach to relax [socially distanced], go shopping, go to the park, and spend time with family. ”










Ryan Lin, freshman

“I plan to take some time to relax and recharge, as the past several weeks have been quite hectic and stressful for me. I also want to practice violin more than I have been recent, as I want to take advantage of the free time I’ll have during the break. COVID has affected my plans a lot. There are a lot of events that I wish I could have participated in, and while some are still running virtually, it’s really not the same. Typically, my family travels somewhere during longer breaks like winter break and spring break, and because of COVID, we aren’t going anywhere this spring break.”







Sristi Patel, junior

“I do artistic swimming (formerly synchronized swimming) and U.S. Nationals are coming up in a month but I don’t expect it to be the same as years past, ”. There are covid restrictions at the pool, so practice is shorter. My cousins are coming over though so that’s going to be fun! [I will connect with my friends] through Discord. With Discord, I can study side by side with my friends or in companionable silence. Since I get to stay at home I can start chipping away at my gigantic to watch list.”








Sehaj Sethi, freshman

“My plans over spring break usually include sleeping, eating, and catching up on tv shows I’ve missed because of school. I’m planning on meeting friends that I’ve been in touch with since the start of quarantine. Due to COVID-19, a lot has changed because I don’t see family or friends too often anymore, and finally having the time to meet them over break excites me.”









Serafina Martinez, junior

“My plans for spring break include spending time with my grandpa, connecting with friends, and going to swim practice. COVID-19 has changed my spring break schedule because I’m seeing my friends a lot less, but my family and I have become particularly close. To connect with friends over break I plan to have Netflix Party movie nights as well as playing video games with my cousin and family friends. “








Haya Salahieh, junior

“If we weren’t in the midst of a global pandemic, my family would have taken a trip somewhere. This spring break, however, I’m not planning on doing anything but watch tv shows. I do think I will meet up with friends to watch movies socially distanced in the backyard, which is definitely different because of COVID-19.”