Rory Dudley

March 22, 2021


Rory Dudley, who will be playing softball at Lehigh. Lehigh is a Division I school in the Patriot League. The most rewarding part, Dudley says, is getting to play the sport she was working for since childhood, in college.

Q: What have you learned throughout the process?

“I’ve learned how to be more confident in my ability to play, and that there isn’t necessarily one perfect college for everyone, there’s a lot of them with great qualities and you just have to find somewhere where you see yourself for the next four years.”

Q: Why did you choose Lehigh?

“I chose Lehigh because I felt that it was the best fit for me, and I saw myself living there for the next four years. The coaches are amazing, and I got to meet some of the team on my visit and they were so welcoming and wonderful. It has great academics, which was extremely important to me, and a good softball team. They also were wonderful about putting academics first and understanding how important our college education is. When I visited, I knew that I loved it and I really wanted to go there.”

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