Dance Departments Hosts Annual Dance 3 and 4 Showcase “Through the Lens”


Dancers get into their starting positions, lights set the scene, the camera clicks and the recording starts. The show is about to begin.

Throughout the month of March, students from Dance 3 and Dance 4 for the one time of year have put together their own choreographies to express themselves through dance that will be streamed on March 24 and March 25.

“Dance 3 and 4 get to choreograph and focus on finding their voice through choreography,” Director of Dance Sheryl Sloate said. “However students were unable to put it on stage last year. So I pushed for the showcase this year”

Students had the choice to submit their own ideas of choreography to Sloate or they could pair up with students who had a similar theme in their “I am” poem. This “I am” poem was passed out in class and asked students to describe themselves and their feelings. 

“Coming up with choreography allows me to be creative,”  Sophomore and Dance 3 member Makenna Newman said. “ I wanted the idea of strong, independent, pretty dancing divas. It was a group of amazing girls who dance like we can do this, attitude and all come together to uplift one another and show that women are unique and they can do so much in the world.”

There were many difficulties choreographing a dance across two different cohorts. Students would need to learn their dances both at home through zoom and at school. 

“A lot of the practice was done at home or on my own which gave me a chance to feel comfortable, which I feel helped me be more free in these pieces,” Senior and Dance 4 member Samuel Shin said. “ It was definitely harder learning dance over zoom, there’s problems like mirroring and a lack of space at home. At least comforting knowing that others are going through similar struggles. ”

If you’re looking to watch the showcase, tickets are $6 and can be found on

“For some of the dancers it’s the first time they ever choreographed,” Sloate said. “To be able to see it on stage and see it come to life will be the most important thing about this showcase.”