Girls Lacrosse

Girls Lacrosse began playing games on April 8. In their most recent win against Laguna Hills, they currently hold a record of 1-5.  In their most recent game against Northwood they won with a score of 16-1. Their senior night game will be May 12 from 3:30-5:50 pm. The team continues to wear masks when playing on the field, and only two family members per a player are allowed to attend games.

 “One of the biggest accomplishments for the season are playing goalie and midfield, being a two sport athletic and playing most of the game for both sports. I started playing goalie as a way to give my legs a rest from running. Although I started to really enjoy playing goalie and being able to help the team stop other teams from scoring,” sophomore Cera Pascua said. “Something I look forward to is the team bonding events. Lacrosse has such an amazing team environment. I love spending time with them during practice but as well as outside of school. They really make the team feel like home and that’s we’re all one family.”

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