With a league standing of 3-1, varsity softball has beaten Laguna Hills and Portola in our league. At the beginning of the season, the softball team had to follow all the restrictions set in place for athletics. “It was also hard to practice since for most of the time from September to February we were limited on being able to even touch a ball most of the time, so practices were more aerobic conditioning,” head coach James Knapp said. Masks are worn at all times in the dugouts and on the field. Team dinners are not allowed because of liability. 

JV softball’s most recent game was against Beckman, with a 1-1 tie.

“Some of my biggest accomplishments are probably getting multiple hits so far in this season even though it’s been very short while also being able to play with this team and all get along,” senior Seraphina Ricci said. “[Something that I will] probably reflect on how this is the last season I will have with these girls before college. I just think about how much fun we have had together even after the games we have lost.” 

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