Girls Golf

Girls Golf started the season on March 22 against University. With a current record of 2-4 in Pacific Coast League, their next match will be on May 4 against Woodbridge. They will be celebrating their senior match on May 18 against Northwood, and League Finals on May 26. Some COVID restrictions the team followed were wearing masks while practicing, though they were allowed to take them off while on the course when far apart. They also had their temperatures checked before practice and games, and were expected to complete a pre-screening form.


“The highlight for this season is the win against Woodbridge. From freshman year, our golf team never had won against Woodbridge, and it is our first time ever,” senior Rachel Kim said. “I will be graduating this year which means I will not be in the team anymore, but I hope current players and newcomers take off their masks and enjoy their matches and the season. I hope we all can go back to normal life.”

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