Boys Swim

Boys swim’s first meet was held March 24, and currently holds a record of 1-3. Their next meet will be on May 5th against Portola at 3 pm. During practice, the team was allowed to have two people per lane on each side of the pool, and each level was separated into different practice times. 

“I had to be particular about tracking where everyone is, so that in the case of someone having COVID-19, we could detect who was around them. Many players also lacked the desire to swim, since the social aspects of the team were stripped away,” Coach Raymond Wong said. “We’ve been able to make this season successful nevertheless and our goal is to have a program that is fun and united, looking forward. Since swimming is an individual sport, each player pushes themselves and works at their own ability for both their physical and mental health.”

The team is looking forward to more meets and the opportunity to continue swimming. 

“We just had our first meet last week, which was really exciting,” senior Hinata Ikagawa said. “I think everyone on the team has seen continuous improvement over the last few months in terms of both performance and determination, which is awesome to see. Many swimmers are achieving their lifetime bests every meet.”

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