Girls Tennis

Varsity girls Tennis currently have a league record of 7-5-0. They have league finals on May 4 at University High School. Due to COVID-19, their season was moved to the spring and now their games are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Additionally, they are no longer allowed to shake hands with their opponent and click rackets instead. Single players can choose if they want to wear a mask while double players are obligated to wear one.

“There is a certain rhythm and routine that you develop as a team and as a coach,” Coach Gary Russell said. “For the girls, they normally play in the fall and the focus in fall is different than focus in the spring. The girls playing this time of year has been a challenge especially for returning players because its a different pattern. Looking at the seniors is always a good example. Normally in the fall the girls are worried about writing their applications and essays, but in the spring the seniors are worried about acceptance. Both are extremely stressful but the timing of stress is different.”

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