Meet the 2021-2022 ASB Cabinet


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Students campaigned to become a part of the Associated Student Body (ASB) Executive Board for the 2021-2022 school year throughout the month of March. Below the elected executive board speak on what they hope to see and include for the next school year. 
Shrey Gupta

Junior Shrey Gupta will be ASB Executive Board President for the 2021-2022 school year. Gupta will be leading ASB members and will act as a liaison between the admin and the student body. 

Q: What are your goals for the student body next year?

A: “I want to come back so much stronger next year, so that means a consistent event schedule with a diverse range of activities for every student. Next year, look out for ASB-sponsored events that support every part of campus. We want to hone students hobbies and passions such as gaming, painting, engineering, music, and more.” 

Q: Based on your goals, what do you hope to hold as events for next year?

A: “My motto for next year is ‘thinking big, but starting small.’ There are so many ideas in discussion right now and just a brief I’ve heard in some interviews are: a club carnival, a TEDx event, an Art-a-thon, a TA Olympics, and so much more. We also want to include things like murals for Homecoming or something modeling Uni’s spirit week with actual structures based on a theme.”

Image via Shrey Gupta
Aarya Padhye

Junior Aarya Padhye will be ASB Executive Board’s Vice President. As the Vice President, Padhye will be in charge of creative changes happening on campus next year in regards to more spotlight on the performing arts and arts. She will also be strengthening the bond within ASB.

Q: What are your goals as the Vice President for the 2021-2022 school year?

A: “My two biggest goals are to get equal representation for all corners of campus and promote campus connection. I want to equally recognize individuals and groups at our school who spend hours working on clubs, sports, arts, etc. rather than having just a concentrated group of voices be elevated so that everyone feels like they have a place on campus.”

Q: What events can students look forward to seeing next year?

A: “I want to host art fairs throughout the year, similar to food fairs. This could be a lunchtime event where different arts perform, whether it be dance showcases, a marching band battle of the bands, and many more. I think it would also be cool for ASB to partner up with various clubs for events, during tailgates and lunchtime events, and the clubs would be able to showcase their projects and fundraise in partnership with ASB.” 

Image via Aarya Padhye
Avery King

As the Commissioner of Activities for the 2021-2022 school year, junior Avery King will help plan spirit weeks, activities, dances, and any other major ASB event. 

Q: What are your plans for next year as the Commissioner of Activities?

A: “My main goal is to focus on reviving the spirit on campus. Get excited because we want to change things up and make events, sports games, spirit weeks, and art shows more inclusive and better supported.”

Q: What is something you are excited for about next year?

A: “I’ll be a senior so I’m just looking forward to making my last year the best year possible. I’m excited for some normalcy regarding events and everyday school, but I’m also looking forward to being the Activities Commissioner and working with the executive board to make our ideas and student’s ideas come to life.”

Image via Avery King
Sawyer Spivey

Junior Sawyer Spivey will be the Commissioner of Spirit for the upcoming school year. Being the Commissioner of Spirit, Spivey will be in charge of keeping campus morale and spirit high.

Q: What plans do you have next year to keep up the Irvine High spirit?

A: “I want to include more spirit days that are accessible to all students. I hope for the return of our dodgeball and ultimate frisbee tournament as these have proven to boost student participation and spirit.”

Q: What is something that you are looking forward to as the Commissioner of Spirit for the 2021-2022 school year?

A: “I’m really excited to finally be leading the student section. I’m looking forward to more spirit participation and hopefully getting our student sections as loud as possible at upcoming games that we all have missed out in this year. 

Image via Sawyer Spivey
Matthew Kim

Next year’s Commissioner of Assemblies will be junior Matthew Kim. Kim will be in charge of planning and hosting the pep rallies and school events that occur throughout the year alongside  Spivey. 

Q: What are your goals for as the Commissioner of Assemblies?

A: “Now as the Commissioner of Assemblies, I can truly show my passion towards Irvine High School and how much it means to me to be a Vaquero. My goal is to create a united student body in the sense that people don’t feel left out or as if something is not meant for them. I’ve seen it happen a lot where people are uncomfortable going to football games or school events and it’s my job to change that.”

Q:  What do you have planned on for next year’s assemblies?

A: “We usually don’t do a lot of competitions between classes at rallies or if we do there is not much at stake for the two sides. I want to do things that create competition and make people want to enjoy the rally instead of just seeing it as something they have to go to. Examples could be games between the classes and winners would receive something, whether materialistic or a title of some sort, just something to spice things up and have people engaged.” 

Image via Matthew Kim