In loving memory of Casey Dumont

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  • Casey Dumont smiles as he coaches his varsity baseball team. (Courtesy of Irvine High Baseball)

  • Watching from the sidelines, Casey Dumont shares a laugh with his team. (Courtesy of Irvine High Baseball)

  • In memory of beloved coach, football wears stickers with “CAD,” Casey Dumont’s initials during the first home game. (Photographed by Aanya Sharma)

  • Alumni Yoni Bracha poses with Casey Dumont after practice. (Courtesy of Gabe Cota)

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Casey Dumont passed away at the age of 42 from cardiac arrest this summer.

Family, students, alumni, staff and friends of Dumont came together at his memorial vigil in the Stadium on August 16 to pay their respects. Those close to him and his family shared stories and spoke of his impact on their lives.

“Everything he did was for students and for the families that he worked with,” Counselor and college friend Amy Klamberg said. “Casey’s definition of success was specific for each individual and he attempted to help that individual strive to reach their potential in every situation they were in. Whether it was academic, athletics or how they were treating others, he brought the best out of people.”

In his ten years at Irvine, Dumont was a Special Education teacher and coach. Last year, he was co-department head of the Special Education program. He served as head baseball coach, varsity pitching coach and freshman football coach and the last time baseball went to CIF was under his coaching in 2019.

During the first home varsity football game of this year, there was a moment of silence held for Dumont. To pay tribute, football athletes will wear helmets with his initials throughout the duration of their season. The freshman football team, which he coached, now chants “Dumont” when they break out of a huddle instead of the traditional “Irvine.” Baseball, similar to football, will commemorate Dumont on their uniforms once their season starts in the Spring. 

“One of his favorite sign offs was ‘Be good, do good,’” campus security, varsity baseball coach and friend of Dumont of eight years Bobby Gomez said. “That’s just how he wanted people to live their life. His impact here is very widespread.”

It is evident that Dumont was more than a friend to some at Irvine High; he was family. The Vaqueros, friends and family will keep his memory alive and continue to honor him in their own ways whether it’s by doing good or playing for him.

The biggest thing about Mr.Dumont was his focus on being student centered and advocating for all students. That transcended whether it was during the school day, after school or co curricularly with the teams that he coached and his athletes.”

— Principal Dr. Monica Colunga

He was just a great guy, great friend, great father. He was always willing to help out everyone, not just the stars or the people at the top. He was our student’s biggest advocate, whether it be in the classroom or on the field.”

— Kris Klamberg, Athletic Director

He touched a lot of lives throughout his ten or so years here at Irvine. He was kind of one of those people who had great energy, was infectious and lifted everyone up around him.”

— Gabe Cota, Special Education teacher and head baseball coach

He was always a positive guy. You could talk to him about anything. He wanted you to be the best person you could possibly be. He was super genuine.”

— Sawyer Spivey, Senior and baseball captain