Behind the scenes: process of creating Irvine High Mobile


Senior Eric Lee works on updates for Irvine Mobile.

Need to email an Irvine High teacher? Having trouble looking for clubs? Want to quickly access the flex time website? Senior Eric Lee has created Irvine High Mobile, an app where Irvine High School’s online resources can be found.

During the confusing 2020-21 school year, Lee wanted to develop an application that would give students easy access to Irvine High’s digital tools. With all the schedule changes throughout the pandemic, he believed it was a great idea to create an app that would facilitate and organize school life on a mobile device.

“My main focus in the beginning was to help my peers,” Lee said. “I wanted to use my skills to contribute positively to the community around me, and most directly to the school.”

Irvine High Mobile, Lee’s app, has a contact list for clubs, staff members and the administration office. It also has an ID card feature, a planner and a live schedule.

“I feel like it’s good to have your schedule, your clubs, everything you need about school in your pocket,” junior Bardia Safari said. “It’s easier to be involved and be on time to classes.”

Lee came across challenges during the creative process of developing Irvine High Mobile. He did not have previous experience with coding applications, but after referring to the internet for advice, Lee was able to roll out the process easily. He used React Native, a coding language for iOS and Android.

“I basically learned to code on my own,” Lee said.

Although Lee’s initial goal was to assist Irvine High students, he noticed that his app was convenient for everyone. Irvine High Mobile became a resource for staff members too.

“For me, I need to know when my classes end and when my classes start to know when to be ready,” Irvine teacher Mr. Elmasri said. “I also like the club list because it makes it really accessible for students and teachers to be able to go through and see what’s available on campus.”

A few of Lee’s friends participated in a beta phase prior to the official release of Irvine High Mobile. They tested all the features to make sure everything ran smoothly. Sophomore Victor Kim, was one of the first users.

“The design was really good, it caught my eye,” Kim said. “What impressed me was that he was one of the first students to make an app.”

Irvine High Mobile gained more than 300 users within the first week and good reviews on the App Store. Lee felt that it was a rewarding experience to see positive feedback.

“I definitely look forward to expanding,” Lee said. “Then, have other people contribute and give ideas. That’s why I think feedback is super important because if users have suggestions, I can implement that. Once we get a team we can work on more features.”