Lunch line crowds


Dear esteemed editor,

In my four years of attending Irvine High School, I have never been more disappointed with the state of affairs in the cafeteria. The lunch lines in this school have never been perfect. Pushing, nudging and the ordinary roughhousing to reach the front of the line are staples of every high-demand queue. But with the introduction of free-meals for everyone (a noble and generous policy) the lunch “line” has descended into the lunch “crowd”. Packs of students crowd around the sides of the line in an effort to sneak into a desirable spot at the expense of the flimsy and useless plastic barriers placed to stop this type of behavior. The back portion of the line, in a desperate effort to speed the process of buying food, push forward in an animalistic fervor as if they have been left without food for months or the cafeteria food are gifts descended from heaven that must be reached at all costs. It also doesn’t help that it takes a lengthy and arduous process of typing in every digit of your long ID in order to buy a meal when short IDs and ID cards exist. In short, it can be said that the lunch lines need massive reform to bring order and civility back to the violent jungle that has become of the once esteemed Irvine High cafeteria.

Ahmet Ozer, senior