Escolar needs a crossing guard


The Escolar crosswalk; one of the most unnecessarily complicated things to exist. The combination of the hundreds of students walking at once, and the hundreds of cars trying to enter and exit, does nothing but cause traffic and frustration. It’s a daily struggle to make it to your car on time in order to leave before the traffic starts adding up, especially in the morning. Not only for the upperclassmen, but even campus security. I see the vice principal and security constantly trying to direct traffic. Unsurprisingly, those few times they come out, it actually helps. I think it could be in Irvine’s best interest to either invest in a crossing guard or at least acknowledge the problem by allowing lenience to students who are a few minutes tardy. I’ve seen way too many students get marked late because they are three minutes late to class, and it was because of the traffic on Escolar. Especially now with school ending later, the traffic adds at least another 20 minutes to our already late ending school day.

Aubrey Fleischaker, senior