Disneyland ends years of free fast passes


Image via Unsplash

Disneyland Park and Disneyland California Adventure Park have replaced FastPass services with purchasable Genie+ services.

For 17 years, Disneyland dispersed paper fastpasses via a kiosk system, later switching to virtual fastpasses called MaxPasses in 2017. Following COVID-19 closures in 2020, both versions of fastpasses were suspended. Shortly after Disneyland Resorts reopened in 2021, the park launched a new service called Disney Genie+. For 20 dollars per ticket per day, guests may skip standard lines and head straight into the Lightning Lane, the FastPass line’s successor.

“I have used Genie+ every time I’ve gone [to Disneyland], and I do believe that it is worth it if you’re looking to ride as many rides as possible, or are looking to spend less time in line,” senior Az Li said. “My favorite benefit of Genie+ is being able to have the extra time to sit back and grab a snack while waiting for my arrival window, rather than standing in line.”

Disney Genie+ also offers an “a la carte” version where guests may purchase Lightning Lane for individual rides rather than for a collection of eligible attractions. These one-time passes range from $7 to $20 per ticket.

Many Disneyland fans criticize the removal of free FastPasses for purchasable ones.

“Everyone associates Genie+ with paying and corporate greed, which sucks a lot,” senior and annual pass holder Ellis Shane said. “The Disney parks are supposed to offer escapism, and it is more difficult to achieve that when a sobering reminder of reality is being promoted as you walk in the gate.”

For interested seniors attending the senior day Disneyland trip on May 16, visit https://disneyland.disney.go.com/ for more information.