Dance gets ready for upcoming showcase


On a brightly lit stage, aspiring dancers twirl and jump while preparing for the last showcase of the school year.

The theme “Evolving Garden” was decided amongst the captains and dance leader, Sheryl Sloate.

“The idea behind the theme is that our lives are constantly changing,” Sloate said. “Every dance is based on a flower or a plant, then there’s a deeper representation within that as well.”

Preparing for a dance showcase at Irvine was filled with ups and downs. Many challenges were faced within the group of young dancers.

“Students themselves are busy with homework and tests, especially since the showcase is coming around finals,” sophomore Maitri Kumar said. “I think using time management and getting everything down in choreography is the hardest part about it.”

Although there are obstacles present, there are many great memories shared between the dancers that they will never forget.

“I’m looking forward to having fun with everyone in the wings right before we go out and perform,” sophomore Harper Moss states. “I love listening to music right before a show.”

To prepare for the showcase, Dance 2 worked with a student choreographer from the University of California, Irvine, Violeta Lemoh. Lemoh has taught them a hip-hop routine.

“Hip-hop pushes me out of my comfort zone,” Dance 2 sophomore Claire Song said. “It’s very free-flowing and beat-oriented. Whereas, jazz and lyrical are very flowing and sharp.”

For the class of 2022, “The Evolving Garden” is the last showcase of their high school careers. This performance is the seniors’ last chance to leave their imprint on the Irvine High dance community.

“I feel sad that this is my last showcase because I won’t be dancing with some of my best friends I made throughout the years,” senior Ashley Barnard states. “But at the same time, I feel excited for what the future holds.”