Colleges report low acceptance rates this year


The Ivy League colleges have reported record low acceptance rates following the college decision season in April 2022. 

Harvard, Yale and Brown reported their lowest acceptance rates at 3.19 percent, 4.46 percent and 7.2 percent, while others remained mostly unchanged.

“It was a little surprising to see the increase in the number of applications at some of the top schools, and also just the magnitude of that increase,” former assistant director of admissions at Yale and Georgetown University and current college counselor at IvyWise Christine Chu said in the Harvard Crimson. “But it’s just the mathematics that drives down the acceptance rate.”

With standardized tests going optional during the pandemic, it contributed to trends of increasing college applications leading to a lower percentage of accepted applicants. 

“It increased the number of applicants because standardized testing creates some barriers for entry,” math teacher Jeffrey Prugpichailers said. “A lot of students don’t want to go through all the trouble of standardized testing, so the number of applicants increased once they were optional.” 

Some schools, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will continue using standardized tests again in future years, while some will no longer use standardized tests permanently, such as the University of California’s ten schools.

“I think optional standardized tests are a good system especially for people who didn’t do well on the tests,” junior Shannon Choi said.

Yield rates are also dropping, showing that people are applying to more schools each year. This would mean that getting into colleges in general may not be more difficult for students, but getting into specific schools are.

“You have people applying to colleges that they have no chances of getting into,” counselor Sam Davis said. “But they apply anyways.”

As college acceptance rates decrease, it creates more competition among students.

“It’s not really fair since it will become more difficult for our generation to get accepted into the schools we want to get into,” sophomore Haoxuan Li said.

According to Ivy Coach, some Ivy League college admissions rates are expected to continue decreasing in 2023, while some stay the same.