2022-2023 bell schedule to be released this month


Image via Unsplash

Irvine High staff casted a vote on the school schedule for the 2022-2023 school year on Tuesday, May 10. This schedule looks to be finalized by administration by the end of May.

“As we developed the various samples, we had to address interests like block schedule, collaboration time [late start], Flex and ending the day early,” principal Dr. Monica Colunga said. “We also had to make sure we had time for teacher planning and student intervention within the day.”

Teachers have voted multiple times, and the most recent had teachers vote for an anchor day or alternating block schedule.

“The reality is that students leave in four years while the teachers stay,” Dr. Colunga said. “The teachers are owning the decision. The teachers are the ones that operate and identify how the best instruction and time needs to be utilized.”

From gauging their students’ performance and extracurriculars, teachers shared a popular critique: earlier dismissal time.

“I think we should value balance,” English teacher Natalie Hanks said. “I think these days are entirely too long and after a certain point, you’re not able to retain all that information. I see students, especially at the end of the day, really burning out because they’re tired.”

For many students, their academic day is also coupled with extracurricular activities.

“The long days also affect the athletic team,” English department head Kevin Kane said. “Fifth and sixth period gets out so late that it makes practices shorter or pushed back later in the evening.”

The leadership team that consists of department heads and administration had to also recognize the California Senate Bill 328 that mandates California high schools to begin no earlier than 8:30 a.m. and the Education Code Section 46201 that requires a minimum of 64,800 minutes a year. In addition, they had to ensure a weekly average of 280 face to face instructional minutes.