Summer fun: local food spots to check out


MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes:
MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes is a local burger spot. Customization options to provide a new experience with every visit from fries to franks, the options vary widely in what they call the Hamburdog. Surprisingly, despite the large volume of food, burgers range from $7 to 10 each. With the summer rays enjoy a cold Oreo cookie shake. Overall, it’s a cheap filling slice of your own creativity with drinks to cool you off on a hot day.

London Chippy:
London Chippy is a new fish and chips restaurant with a huge head start on the competition. After only a month of business, they’ve retained a five-star rating. This environment is paired well with simple dishes like the Poboy combo. This dish sets an example for the restaurant with crispy pieces of cod, steak cut fries and a cold drink. London Chippy is a comfortable place to get a quick but filling bite partnered with its warm and welcoming workers.

Renzo’s offers a spoonful of culture with every meal with authentic Peruvian dishes paired with the delightful scenery. The icon of this restaurant is their Lomo Saltado wrap with fresh veggies and steak strips all wrapped in a thin corn tortilla. They also have several vegan and vegetarian options like soups and salads.

Poached Kitchen:
Poached Kitchen is a casual family-owned business with a large assortment of dishes from breakfast to burgers. Their star attraction is the Morning Scramble which offers three eggs, hash browns, toast and a choice of meat. Poached Kitchen sells food in a large volume and yet remains at an average price of $15 per plate. Poached Kitchen is a cheap casual business with a wide menu and completely locally sourced ingredients.

Ricebunn provides fresh Japanese dishes centered around its onigiri which is a rice ball wrapped with seaweed and stuffed with a salty filling. While the onigiri is a simple dish, Ricebunn’s wide range of options allows each dish to feel unique yet familiar. Ricebunn also has cold and refreshing options like ice cream macaroons and lemonades. One of their main dishes is their Salmon Onigiri, which features grilled salmon, kimchi, special Ricebunn sauce and furikake sprinkled on top.