ITV takes win at OC Film Festival


Irvine High’s Irvine Television (ITV) won “Best Anchors” at the Orange County Film Festival on Saturday, May 7.

Senior Yoni Cohen along with junior Kiva Vakharia have worked together this year as co-anchors for all the ITV broadcasts. At the OC Film Festival, they won a joint award for “Best Anchors”. 

Courtesy of Yoni Cohen

“It was really inspirational being around so many talented people and seeing their work—it’s seriously crazy,” Vakharia said. “I was in shock that we won, it meant truly the world to me.”

The OC Film Festival invites 16 high schools from Orange County to celebrate their work from the past year. FilmEd Academy of the Arts hosts this event to credit students for their talents in filmmaking on a bigger stage. 

“We were nominated for Best Public Service Announcement and for Best Broadcast,” Cohen said. “So out of all the 16 high schools in the program, there were five nominated for Best Broadcast, and then we were nominated for Best Anchors, and won”. 

The FilmEd Academy of Arts has students submit their work from the last year, using critically acclaimed filmmakers such as Dave Junker and a Board of Alumni to get nominated and win. 

“The board of directors have been reliable, they’re respectful, they listen and they are willing to learn,” ITV advisor Rebeccah Phillips said. “There’s just something about this year in particular that has made the whole year one of my favorite years.”

Students can watch the last ITV broadcast during their TA class on Thursday, May 26.