Breakup with your phone


Image via Unsplash

According to professional internet expert Trevor Wheelwright, over one-third of Americans would give up their pets to keep their cell phones. This comes to show our overpowering addiction to our phones and that a break from them is necessary. 

People of all ages are so hooked on technology that it has a negative effect on their lives. This is exactly why students need a phone cleanse for a chance to reconnect. 

Getting back in touch with reality is essential to living a happier life. Most people disassociate from their friends and family because they would rather text their friends or scroll on TikTok. According to the West Virginia Education Association, the average teenager spends nine hours on their phones per day. This is equivalent to over one-third of the day, the other two-thirds taken up by school and sports. With this much time being spent on the phone, when will students get a chance to spend quality time with peers and family? 

Everyone at this point knows the effects that phones have on our mental health, however, students may fail to realize how this affects our relationships with others. As phone usage increases, relationships begin to deteriorate. An example from Harvard Education Cast member, Jill Anderson, pointed out, “Despite family mealtimes being hugely beneficial to kids, only about 30 percent of families manage to eat together regularly.” While a number of factors may add to this, being stuck on our phones nine hours a day causes us to miss valuable time with family.  Adding family dinner time without phones can serve as a great opportunity to connect with our loved ones.  

Some alternatives would be to find hobbies and things that can keep you occupied. Remember that there are better things to do than scrolling through your Instagram feed for hours after school. Spending quality time with friends and family is more worth it than increasing your screen time. Irvine High counselor, Sam Davis, said, “My kids have to turn their phones off from around 3-o’clock to almost bedtime or even until they simply just get all of their schoolwork done.” 

Although technology can benefit us and make things more efficient, our social skills and mental health decline with it. But, improvement of mental health leads to better success in the lives of people. Don’t be a part of the one-third of the Americans that would choose their phones over their pets.