Staff Picks: Ways to get your sports fix


Jay Mullings

Image via Unsplash

Sports Documentary: The Last Dance 

By chronicling former basketball player Michael Jordan’s career, “The Last Dance” is a 2020 sports documentary that not only focuses on his career but also pinpoints his involvement in the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls season. This 10-part miniseries is featured on Netflix and ESPN, and the airing of the first two episodes was held Apr. 19. This untold story unravels a particularly different side of Jordan’s lifestyle. The highly-anticipated sports documentary stresses the detrimental and optimistic facets of Jordan’s profession, allowing sports fans’ to witness his story.    

Sports Channels: ESPN

As the international leader for sports, founded by Bill Rasmussen in 1979,  “ESPN” is a cable channel where many viewers constantly indulge in their favorite games. This TV spectacle airs various documentaries, sports highlights, and radio shows. They telecast to over 200 countries due to their international broadcast. With Friday night football games and commentaries on gender equality in sports, “ESPN” is noted for being the most reliable outlet for sports fans, according to Forbes Magazine. Currently, “ESPN” is airing old games due to there being no live sports in action and many talk shows. Cherry pit spitting, Esports, and gimmicks are a few of the many programs that ESPN has been showing. Additionally, Disney-produced sports movies are broadcasted on Friday nights to entertain the audience with compelling content.   

Sports Documentary: Cheer 

Cheer, a cheerleading documentary released to Netflix this year, is a six-part documentary that focuses on the Navarro College Cheer team. Coached by a 14-time national champion, Monica Aldama, the team is known as the best in the country. This show takes the viewer through an athlete’s season as they prepare for the national competition at Daytona, Florida. This also follows the life of various college students along with their mental, physical, and emotional well being. 

Sports Documentary: Undefeated

Undefeated won The Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature and is about Manassas High School’s football team who haven’t won a game since 1899. The new coach, Bill Courtney is determined to change that for the team. Courtney also focuses on making his athletes better people and hopes to set them up for a successful college football career.  Now streaming on Netflix, viewers are taken through the ups and downs of their season as the athletes work alongside Courtney to make their team exceed.

Sports Documentary: The Dawn Wall 

The Dawn Wall, an Oscar-winning documentary on Netflix showcases Tommy Cladwell and Kevin Jorgeson as they became the first people to scale the Dawn Wall at Yosemite National Park. This shows their journey as they prepare for climbing the 3,000-foot granite wall. There were several challenges that they overcame together, and after 19 days, they scale the wall. This documentary emphasizes teamwork and perseverance while also involving the viewers in their lives.