Q&A: How are Irvine students spending their time during quarantine?


As you all know, school is closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year due to the current COVID-19 situation. Students are no longer attending extracurriculars such as sports, performing and visual arts, volunteering, internships and work, leaving a lot of extra time on their hands. Here are some activities that students are partaking in while in quarantine.

Ashlynn Weidenbenner, 9: “I’ve been working on a lot of songwriting recently. That’s mostly what I’ve been focusing my time on as well as trying to learn the ukulele.”

Kylie Thongsrinoon, 9: “I’ve been designing some cards and stickers. I’m planning on selling them soon and using the profits to donate to charities.”

Lily Matthey, 9: “I’ve been learning how to play guitar and bass guitar. It’s really fun and time-consuming. I’ve also been making recipes I find on Pinterest and watching a whole lot of Nextflix and Youtube.”

Rachel Nakatsukasa, 10: “My favorite part of being at home is being able to cook with my family and spend quality time with the people I love. We’ve  made our own pasta and soup recipes and branched out by baking thumbprint cookies with assorted jams as well.”

Danielle Nguyen, 10: “I’ve been painting a lot. I bought the paint by numbers kit where it gives you a canvas with a range of numbers and you have to fill them in. It’s very time consuming but so relaxing.”

McKenna Patton, 11: “ I’ve been learning new hobbies like embroidery and practicing old hobbies like sewing and painting to make face masks and other random crafts. Otherwise, I usually resort to my phone with Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Netflix, or Hulu.”

Alekhya Pantula, 11: “Over quarantine, I’ve been spending a lot more time active on social media just to stay connected with my friends. I’ve definitely used platforms like Facetime and Snapchat way more just to stay in touch with everyone since we cannot physically be with each other. Something special I did was bake cookies and make little care packages which I sent to a couple of my friends just as a friendly gesture to make people feel better.”

Erika James, 11: “I’ve been running in my free time. I created my own workout plans switching from speed workouts to recover from the runs. After the runs, I finish with my own ab workouts. Other than running, Ie been focusing on improving my photoshop skills online as well as learning new techniques to draw for my graphics class.”

Nathan Yan, 11: “During quarantine, I spend most of my time playing games. Recently, I got into the Persona series and I picked up Royal and have been playing non-stop. I have started to do some drawing and origami as well as practicing the clarinet and piano. I’ve also started to jog recently as I realize staying inside all day sucks.”

Sierra Porter, 11: “I started a small business selling crochet goods on my Instagram. I have also learned to bake macaroons, and have been delivering them to people.”

Alex Palakian, 11: “Quarantine has given me some time to complete my art portfolio which I have been working hard on. I’ve also been journaling a lot recently and am going on local walks. I’m constantly face-timing the day away with friends and I’ve been hanging with my mom a lot whether it’s going grocery shopping or making dinner.”

Emma Hanson, 12: “I’ve been doing a lot of cooking recently. Besides that, I’ve been making an effort to spend more time with my family by going on some short walks.”

Samyutha Potharaju, 12: “I have been spending my time in quarantine in the kitchen cooking new foods and experimenting with different cuisines. I have also been going on walks with my family as well as my two dogs.”

Sriya Chundi, 12: “During quarantine, I’ve gotten the opportunity to spend more time with my family, which is extremely valuable to me because I’ll be leaving for college this fall.”

Kendra Htoo, 12: “I’ve been binging new shows on Netflix, cooking and baking new recipes with my mom, and trying new online workout routines.”