Recognizing spring sports seniors

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Boys Swim

Seniors: Jose Cordero, Bradley France, Finn Kopczyski, Marcus Lei, Michael McCahill, Will Nomura, Peter Wu

Message from Coach Wong: “I’m bummed we didn’t get a chance to have our swim season this year. You guys brought a great spirit to our team and I would have loved to coach you guys. Seniors, I miss you and wish you the best in your future endeavors.”

Girls Swim

Seniors: Nicole Chen, Kristine Dillon, Kelly Dory, Dina Kianiazar, Kimberly Lai, Chloe MacVicar, Rebecca Mooney, Melissa Quon, Rachel Tufford

Message from Coach Hinman: “I am thankful to have had the opportunity to see our seniors grow not only as athletes over the years but as individuals as well. They have shown me their dedication to the school, team, and themselves and I know their work ethic and perseverance will be a large factor in their successes beyond high school. I wish we could have had a complete season to finish off their high school careers together but I appreciate the time we had and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors. Wherever life may take you guys, you will always have your Vaquero family to come back to and share your stories.”


Seniors: Gustavo Fonseca, Josh Hamon, Alexander Kim, Kyle Kim, Matthias Kwan, Rian Martinez, Zavier Syed, Danielle Bacaoco, Jessica Knofler, Julie Ku, Riya Rajput, Hana Shaik, Theresa Yeo, Trent Sasaki, Max Lanzaorellana , Lizzie Manning, Valery Evans, Amanda Peterson, Lucas Graham, Taylor Peterson, Gio Ospina, Emma Farajian, Mark O’Hannigan, Charles Schoellen

Message from Coach Youngren:Thank you track family. Even though the season was cut short, I am so proud of the work you all put in getting ready for the season. The coaching staff was excited to see you all compete. I would like to give a shout out to the following seniors; Trent Sasaki, Max Lanzaorellana, Lizzie Manning, Valery Evans, Amanda Peterson, Lucas Graham, Taylor Peterson, Gio Ospina, Emma Farajian, Mark O’Hannigan, Charles Schoellen; thank you for being great teammates. You were so helpful these past years and I wish all the best as you embark on the next phase of your life. Thank you for everything, including helping with the preparation of the Irvine Invitational. I am sure you will all miss that.”

Boys Tennis

Seniors: Ryan Nguyen, Varij Patel, Daniel Wei, Jason Ryoo

Message from Coach Russell:Each of you has different stories and memories about your experiences as part of the boys tennis team,  but I will always remember all the success, support for teammates and how we overcame obstacles and disappointments together and with class. I have great pride in that you were an important part of breaking the playoff drought and the respect you have earned from the high school tennis community, What will be most important in the future is looking back at the journey, experience, and friendships.  One of my favorite saying at IHS is “Once a Vaquero, Always a Vaquero.”  Good luck and don’t be a stranger!”

Boys Volleyball

Seniors: Jason Zhang, Andrew Cho, Andric Olivo, David Shane, Jason Han, Matthew Pang, Jeremy Lin

Message from Coach Mednick: “To the seniors: Off-season, preseason, tournaments, the daily grind to improve and compete was always there. It was a pleasure to see the improvement and growth into a solid team that played the right way. Remember the good times together and the many victories.


Seniors: Julia Barclay, Cortnee Wilson, Zoey Van Vorst, Katelyn Harker, Kylee Northrop, Michaela Cates

Message from Coach Brophy: “I am truly so thankful for each and every one of you. The leadership you brought to our team this season is truly irreplaceable. I will miss our endless laughs and even a few tears. I will miss you all greatly! Remember to always be you, don’t stress too much because everything will work out in the end!”


Seniors: Camron Hicks, Yoni Bracha, Jack Redington, Jackson Lyman, Isaac Hong, Brett Moeller, Elliot Jun, Michael Simonella, Ryan Barlow, Zaid Humphrey 

Message from Coach Cota: “Dear 2020 Seniors, Although this year ended without expected closure, I would never trade the time we spent together. Words cannot express how thankful and proud I am of this group. The Class of 2020 provided exceptional energy and elevated Irvine Baseball to a level it hasn’t been at in a long time. Transition is always tough and not only did you gentlemen step up to the challenge, but you also exceeded expectations. You have laid the groundwork for future Vaquero baseball players. We ask, as a coaching staff, that you leave the Jersey better than you found it. This group of seniors has absolutely done that. As a player, one of my former coaches and mentors, John Altobelli, shared a message that I have tried to pass down. Now, when something important has been taken from you, the words seem much more prophetic. “At some point, everyone has to stop playing the game, whether it be a scout that tells you you aren’t good enough, your body giving up on you, or an unforeseen circumstance that you have no control over, all players have to move on. Your job is to take advantage of the time you play, so when you look back at it you can be proud that you didn’t leave anything in the tank.” Hopefully, you can look back at your high school playing days and be proud of what you accomplished, the work you put in, the teammate you’ve been, and the man that you are. As always, if you ever need anything please know that this program is here for you.

Boys Lacrosse 

Seniors: Jake Coleman, Dave Lee, Ben Lomaka, Elijah Pena

Message from Coach Hurst: “Congratulations, gentlemen!  I’m proud of you!  Thanks for being great team leaders and for setting the bar high for the Aggressive Gentlemen.  While this season ended all too early, you none the less made the most of the opportunities that we were given.  Take the spark that you’ve shown here, the flashes of brilliance, and build on that as you go on.  Keep banging the wall, and your dreams will become a reality before you know it!”

Girls Lacrosse

Seniors: Sabrina Lomri, Haley Tran, Anaya Sharma, Audrey Robertson, Emma Park, Ashlee Park, Hanna Lee, Nora Homsi, Haley Fosmire, Maryam Chahine

Message from Coach Ramirez: “I am so proud of your abilities to press forward and grow during this time. You all have taken great action to lead the underclassmen and show them that you value your education and will not let obstacles get in the way. Congratulations on graduating!”


Seniors: Alexa Avendano, Sofia Chambers, Emory Gaines, Malena Gortarez

Message from Coach Knapp: “To the 4 Softball Seniors, Alexa Avendano, Sofia Chambers, Emory Gaines, and Malena Gortarez, but also to the Class of 2020. As disappointed as you may be in the current state of affairs, you all must not allow the circumstance to dictate what you do to manage your paths through it all. Do everything in your power to Stay on your path to where ever it is you are headed, whether it be College, Military, trade schools, etc. Use all of the tools you have acquired in your years of education and use any advantage you might have to stay on your path. Do not be afraid to ask for help in any form you can get It (parents, College assistance, Govt assistance, etc.). WHATEVER IT TAKES!! While on your path, learn something from every situation that arises, the current situation included. Most of all, Stay Humble because you now know how easy it is to be knocked down. Good Luck to each and every one of you.”