Irvine High continues Wellness Wednesday in light of COVID-19


Irvine Unified

Wellness Wednesday sessions are now held on Google Meet every Wednesday afternoon by Wellness Coordinator Nancy Le and the Irvine High School (IHS) Youth Action Team (YAT) from April 29 to June 3. 

The decision to transition online was made to better accommodate students during Emergency Distance Learning (EDL). Sessions are held from 12:00-12:30 p.m. All students may join and meetings are conducted like open forums. Students may ask questions and engage in discussions encouraging mindfulness. 

“During this time, students aren’t able to get outside and interact with people,” Le said. “We wanted to create an online platform where students can interact with each other and get a morale booster. I hope students utilize Wellness Wednesdays and the space given to them.”

Le uses the Calm app to share activities aimed toward eliminating stress. Meetings are also opportunities for students to speak about personal struggles and interact with peers. 

“The only way we can solve our problems and become better people and a better society is by talking about the problems we have with our peers and reflecting ourselves,” IHS YAT co-president and senior Haley Tran said. “The forums serve as havens and a resource for students who may not have the ability to talk to their peers or parents or don’t know how to handle their problems.”

In addition to Wellness Wednesday meetings, other resources are offered to promote positive mental health, including information on meditation, calming techniques and yoga. 

These sessions are super important to students right now because everything that is being brought to the table from teachers, the school, and even parents can cause fear,” IHS YAT co-president and junior Reily Baron said. “During these sessions, students can talk about their feelings and not be afraid to reach out so they keep a healthy and stabilized life[style].” 

The link to join Wellness Wednesday and to other resources is located here.