Dear High School


Dear high school,

With mere days left until graduation, I can’t help but reminisce on what our senior class lost. From the senior trip to prom, we missed out on a traditional senior year filled with the activities and events meant to celebrate us along with our efforts and accomplishments. 

As unfortunate as these circumstances are, it has taught a very valuable lesson: never take anything for granted. We always hear it, but I never truly believed it until March 13 became the last day of high school without us even knowing it at the time. Regardless, we have so much to look back on and be grateful for. 

Irvine High allowed us a place to socialize and learn. Teachers pushed us to our full potential and instilled knowledge far beyond just textbooks. Pep rallies brought the school together, packing the gym and showcasing our Vaquero pride. However, most important of all, are us students, who made every day of school memorable. High school was a place full of opportunities, to try new things, meet new faces, and grow as people. I look back on these lessons and memories and am grateful for the high school experience we were lucky to have.

However, even though we could not spend our last few months in person, seniors still deserve to celebrate our successes and victories. We made it to the end and congratulations to us all on completing these four years and graduating to the next chapter of our lives! I am incredibly proud of all my peers and can’t wait to see what we all do next.

With love and nostalgia,

Anjali Patel