Favorite high school memories


Sarandy Westfall

Image via Unsplash

Harini Sundaram’s Favorite High School Memories:

  1. Upgrading to sitting at the new lunch tables junior year, after sitting on the floor during lunch for two years straight. 
  2. Walking to Starbucks during my open periods with my best friends and wasting most of my money.
  3. Bonding with my fellow girl tennis players over not wanting run Escolar in the hot sun.
  4. Eating chips, pizza, and other random food with my journalism buddies during Mandatories every month. 

Harshita Dabir’s Favorite High School memories:

  1. Sitting at the lunch tables with my friends and having the best and the most memorable conversations.
  2. The Journalism Anaheim Convention where there were various events and speakers describing different aspects of how to be a journalist.
  3. Homecoming 2k20 and Formal 2k20 were my last two dances at IHS. I enjoyed taking pictures and dancing with my friends.
  4. SASA dance performances were always memorable because we would always designate one day to getting ready and finally performing. Watching all our family and friends come together was very special.
  5. The tennis bondings and practices we would have was always very important because we would have the best laughs and unforgettable experiences. Everybody on the team is very welcoming, courteous, and respectful to one another which made the team environment very comfortable to be in.