Things to do to prepare for post-high school/college


Sarah Dorweiler

Image via Unsplash

Create a pre-college calendar to keep track of your school’s freshman orientation dates, move-in schedule, and deadlines for class registration. 

Research your course load to figure out which classes you want to take during the fall semester. If you are struggling to identify what is right for you, reach out to your assigned advisor, find recent alumni, or even call the Registrar. 

Prior to beginning college classes, it is important to update your technology and purchase items that are suitable for you, whether it means buying noise-canceling headphones or getting a new laptop. 

While prices are still low, you should begin online dorm shopping on Amazon, Walmart, Target and more. Remember to stock up on bedding, towels, room decorations, and any necessary toiletries. 

Socialize with your roommate(s) through Facetime, Zoom or Houseparty in order to get to know each other better. While you are at it, reach out to more students and become friends!

Update your resume in the summer to prepare for upcoming work-study jobs, internships, or career evaluation seminars. If you need help, there are a ton of free resources online such as 

Harvard University  is offering free online class in various subject areas this summer. Sign up here if you are interested in learning more about your major.