A bittersweet farewell


It seems like just a couple days ago when I had taken my first steps onto this new and unfamiliar campus called Irvine High. Now, in the blink of an eye, four years has passed, and it is just a couple days before I say my farewells. Thank you family and friends, teachers and students of Irvine High, for the long lasting memories I will continue to carry unto the next chapter of my life. Thank you for being a place I proudly call, my second home. 

It was moments like waking up at 6 a.m. and arriving at my journalism class with celebratory bagels or driving off campus to grab food with friends after a long and dreadful exam that brought me the purest joys in the times of ongoing anxiety and stress. It was activities I took part in such as competing in golf tournaments or meeting after school for hours to publish an awaited school newspaper that gave me a sense of community. And it was days like cheering on the football team under Friday night lights decked out in sparkles and spirit wear or dressed up with friends to party across the dance floor that provided me with such an unforgettable high school experience. I am filled with nostalgia looking back at the 1000 plus days of memories I have accumulated all at this place I call my second home, and it is crazy to say that these have now become a part of my past. 

Within four years, which may seem like a brief yet never-ending journey, I was exposed to numerous opportunities and experiences that prompted me to step out of my comfort zone. High school—a time to try new things and explore one’s greatest passions and pursuits—pushed me beyond my limits and boundaries. As an introverted and timid individual entering high school, I was faced with many difficulties as a student, an athlete and a team member. Nonetheless, whether it was in the classroom, on the course or in a work room, my teachers challenged me, and my peers pushed me so that I may achieve my greatest and most proudest endeavors. I was taught to take risks, endure temporary hardships and step out of fear to obtain my biggest dreams. 

With my senior year and high school career coming to a close, I reminisce upon all my fondest memories I have made throughout high school, the once-in-a-lifetime experiences I can now only revisit through memory. Irvine High has built-in foundational experiences that have prepared to launch me into the next chapter of my life. Contradicting to timid 14 year-old Candace, I am now equipped and ready for a new and exciting beginning, a fresh start to my college journey. I look forward to forging new memories and experiences, building new relationships and discovering new passions and aspirations. Thank you Irvine High for a memorable high school experience and implementing life lessons in me. It was a great four years and it will surely be missed. Farewell Irvine.


Candace An