Choosing colleges


Ryan Jacobson

Image via Unsplash

When you picture starting college, one first thinks of all the new experiences and questions that come with it. Will I get all the classes I want? Will I make new friends? What will I put in my dorm? Who will I get as a roommate? Should I join a sorority or fraternity? With the spread of COVID-19, these questions have become even more puzzling as seniors around the country worry if they will even get to experience a traditional freshman year at college. But we can’t let these uncertain times stop us from looking forward to this new chapter in life. 

Even though our first semester at college might look different than we have always pictured it to be, we should still look to college as a time for us to grow into young adults, experience life, make new friends, and, of course, work towards getting our degrees. 

Earlier this month, the California State University system announced that fall classes will be held online, excluding a few courses that cannot be taught virtually. And while the University of California system has yet to formally announce their plans for Fall 2020 at the time of writing, spokeswomen Claire Doan said they will be “exploring a mixed approach”, according to Edsource. In addition, many California community colleges are planning to hold most fall classes online. The uncertainty around reopening extends farther beyond just California colleges as many out-of-state colleges announce that they are still unsure if classes will resume in person come fall. These undetermined plans have caused many seniors to feel unsettled about going to college, and according to a study conducted by Carnegie Dartlet, one-third of the 2,800 high school seniors surveyed said they would defer or cancel their admittance if their college went fully online. While seniors should seriously look into their college’s plan for the fall, we shouldn’t let the possibility of classes being online stop us from looking forward to going to college.

Being excited for the future while the world seems to fall into uncertainty seems easier said than done, but we can’t let these feelings of anxiety and disappointment overshadow what we all have to look forward to in college, trade school, work or beyond. While we aren’t getting to send off from high school we have always dreamed or maybe even the start of college we always wanted, we should still be optimistic for the future. This is truly just the beginning for all of us. 

It is easy to say that when we pictured our senior year this is not what we had in mind, but we can’t let the last couple of months dampen the excitement we feel for our transition beyond Irvine High and into adulthood.