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COVID-19 Updates

Yoojin Min and Michelle Kim

May 27, 2020

Statistics (as of May 25, 2020) Irvine: 138 confirmed cases  Orange County: 4,500 confirmed cases and 88 deaths California: 85,728 confirmed cases and 3,485 deaths Averaged 1,828 new cases and 75.7 deaths per day...

IUSD Summer School and textbook returns updates

Franny Shih

May 27, 2020

Students need to pick up all their personal items before 6/5 All students who have personal items on campus must come and pick them up.  This includes items in PE Lockers, School Lockers, Athletic Lockers, Dance Loc...

Colleges waive SAT/ACT testing requirement for Fall 2020

Ashley Yuen

May 27, 2020

A number of colleges nationwide, including the University of California (UC), California State Universities (CSU), and private universities, have suspended the SAT and ACT as requirements for admissions in fall 2020. This announcem...

Irvine High continues Wellness Wednesday in light of COVID-19

Joy Chen

May 27, 2020

Wellness Wednesday sessions are now held on Google Meet every Wednesday afternoon by Wellness Coordinator Nancy Le and the Irvine High School (IHS) Youth Action Team (YAT) from April 29 to June 3.  The decision to transit...

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